You’re really good (except for that mistake)

  • Organizers said space is limited and advanced reservations are strongly recommended. 

An “advance reservation” is a reservation you make beforehand. (Which is redundant, since the definition of a reservation is something that’s arranged in advance. But whatever.)

But if something is advanced, it’s exceptional. My kid is doing great in Advanced Statistics.

So what would an “advanced reservation” be? A reservation that’s doing really well in school? Nah. Maybe just a really intelligent way of booking a table for dinner….

  • Welcome, Mr. Brendel. That was an ultra-sophisticated reservation you placed with us — we loved the part about
F(n) = \frac{(\varphi)^n - (-\frac{1}{\varphi})^n}{\sqrt{5}} sorts this out really well. Check it out.

Follow the fun at and you’ll soon get an invitation to my book launch party. No reservations, advance OR advanced, required.


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