Here we are

  • “By late June, more than 2,500 children, including 102 under the age of 5, had been separated from their parents, many of whom didn’t know where the government had taken them.”

Where did the government take the parents? The parents didn’t know. They looked around and said to themselves, Where are we?

They were understandably rattled, perhaps, because the government had just separated them from their children.

[This from a New Yorker magazine article revealing that President Trump’s immigration guru, Stephen Miller, deliberately structured U.S. policy to treat children badly in order to keep immigrants from coming to our country. (“Miller made clear to us that, if you start to treat children badly enough, you’ll be able to convince other parents to stop trying to come with theirs.”) Can we Americans take pride in this? I’m not sure we really know where our government is taking us.]


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