And wear gloves

  • He found three more small craters with tektites in them, which he sectioned and photographed. 

Did he section and photograph the craters, or the tektites?

It doesn’t matter all that much, I guess. You can probably photograph your crater as easily as you can section your tektite.

But what if it’s directions for a life-or-death procedure? Next you’ll locate the gland with the tumor in it, which must be cut out completely.

The moment you write which, stop and look back at all the words in the sentence so far, and ask yourself this simple question:

Which of those words does which refer to?

It’s a pandemic, folks. We’re in lockdown. People are reading more than ever. Don’t torture them. Write better.

As a lockdown diversion, I’ll read you my novel on Facebook Live, a chapter or two a day, every evening at 5 pm EDT, beginning today, Monday, April 13th. If you miss it, no worries; the video will be posted on the same page. See you there.


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