I exit, then all bets are off

She’s an activist for her cause (which is an uphill climb), and she’s being encouraged to give it up. Here’s what she writes:

“I don’t want the tide to turn after I leave — so I’m not going anywhere.”

Her remark might be misconstrued. I think she would still want the tide to turn after she left.

Would she resent the tide turning if it didn’t happen before her departure?

Actually, she would be happy for the tide to turn anytime — regardless of whether she left or not. Right?

So she hasn’t said what she means.

“If the tide is going to turn, I want to be here for it!” This is what she really means. “So I’m not going anywhere!” (I’ve added the exclamation points. No charge.)


(This is silly! To explore a somewhat more important part of what I do with the rest of my life, visit my humanitarian charity New Thing.)

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